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Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks released their 7th studio album "Aes Sidhe" this April... you can buy the album now!

Following on from the success of her previous record “Mo Anam Cara”, neo-folk harpist, vocalist and songwriter Joy Shannon has returned with her latest offering; “Aes Sidhe”! Produced by Sammy Fielding of Noctooa and Medicine Moon at Ancient Owl Audio, mastered by Mark Sheppard of the Offering, and with artwork by Paul Romano (Mastodon), Joy has worked vigorously over the last 18 months in piecing together the 13 tracks that make up “Aes Sidhe”.

In her own words on the record:
The album concept was inspired by the ancient Celtic and Nordic mythologies about death and rebirth into the afterlife. It is called “Aes Sidhe”, which in Irish means “people of the mound” or spirits, ancestors or people who have passed over. The ancient Irish buried their dead in a mound, which symbolized the pregnant belly of the goddess, who would rebirth the dead into the otherworld.
This album explores the ancient view of the dying process, the darkness in between when one awaited rebirth and then the various parts of the afterlife, called by many names and envisioned in a variety of ways, from the land of youth “Tír na nÓg” to the land of honey “Mag Mell”. There is even a tribute to Tolkien’s reimagining of Nordic and Celtic mythological afterlives, in the “Grey Havens” song.”

The album also features various guest appearances including guitarists Daryl Hernandez from Deathkings, and Xasthur, and vocalist Sera Timms of Black Mare and the Ides of Gemini. Seeped in tradition, brimming with creativity and unflinching in her musical conviction; Joy Shannon has created something vast, haunting and beautiful with “Aes Sidhe”. Step into the other side, and embrace it.

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